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LNG World Shipping

LNG World Shipping


LNG World Shipping is the only magazine focused specifically on the LNG carrier fleet.

LNG World Shipping’s coverage of the global LNG shipping industry is the best there is. The journal covers the full length of the LNG maritime transport chain, from offshore developments at the upstream end, through conventional LNG carriers and terminals, to small-scale LNG at the consumer end. Six issues are published each year, each containing in-depth profiles of ships and operators, fleet statistics, summary of key international news and the views of leading industry figures.

“LNG World Shipping is the number one publication for the LNG shipping industry and the most informative and up to date source of information for all things LNG and shipping!” -
Duncan Gaskin, Bestobell LNG Valves

Each bi-monthly issue features complete and exclusive listings of the world’s LNG carrier fleet, expert analysis of key market developments, and authoritative features about ship technology and the commercial markets served by LNG carriers. Profiles of ships, operators, regions, equipment, service news and all aspects of the ship/shore interface and keep readers fully informed.

The journal’s core technology articles on ship design, construction and operation are balanced by ship operator profiles and regional trade, market, fleet and terminal analyses.

Other notable regular features are an events digest, which itemises, in chronological order, key LNG project developments and the LNG carrier statistics pages which provide listings and pictorial breakdowns of in-service and on-order fleets according to a range of criteria.

A key focus for LNG World Shipping is the ship/shore interface, where LNG carrier and terminal operations link and are at their most intense.
It is also the point at which aspects such as cargo and custody transfer systems, berthing and escort tugs, mooring and jetty arrangements and cargo-handling equipment performance are at their most critical.
LNG World Shipping subscribers also receive four annual supplements; LNG Carrier Lifecycle Maintenance, Offshore LNG, Small-Scale LNG and Ballast Water Treatment Technology.

Karen Thomas, Editor
Karen Thomas joined LNG World Shipping in January 2014, having worked as digital content editor for daily news publication Lloyd’s List. She edited a Middle East marketing monthly at EMAP Business International, then spent several years as a freelance writer and commissioning editor, covering shipping and port development, business, politics and society for newspapers, magazines and book publishers in the UK, continental Europe and the Middle East.

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