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Flogas wins tender to supply LNG to Leeds waste trucks

Fri 17 Mar 2017 by Karen Thomas

Flogas wins tender to supply LNG to Leeds waste trucks
Leeds City Council is the UK’s second-largest local authority (credit: Jim Moran)

Leeds City Council has signed a deal with Flogas Britain to supply LNG to its fleet of refuse-collection trucks as the local authority works towards its 2020 clean air zone deadline.

Flogas won the contract in a competitive tender. It is delivering the LNG to a council-owned and operated filling station that compresses the gas into liquid.

Leeds City Council transport manager Carl Snowden said: “With the requirement for a clean air zone to be introduced in Leeds by 2020, it is important that we are leading the way in reducing emissions from our vehicles.

“As a local authority, price and continuity of supply are incredibly important to us. Flogas ticked all our boxes and there was a smooth transition from our previous supplier.”

Leeds, the UK’s second-largest local authority, collects 306,000 tonnes of rubbish a year and says that running its fleet on LNG is a way to reduce carbon emissions from its waste-collection services by 30 per cent compared to running the trucks using diesel.

Flogas is looking to supply LNG to the north of England from a new hub in Scotland. In November, it announced it is working with Stolt-Nielsen LNG to supply LNG on small vessels via the Port of Rosyth. Stolt-Nielsen has designed a 7,500m³ LNG carrier to support the project.

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