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Gazprom expands its LNG fuel networks

Wed 04 Oct 2017 by Karen Thomas

Gazprom expands its LNG fuel networks
Mikhail Likhachev: developing LNG as transport fuel for Gazprom

Energy giant Gazprom is pressing ahead with its plans for LNG as fuel, expanding its distribution networks at home and overseas.

Gazprom signed an agreement in February with Avtodor, the Russian highways authority, to develop a network of multi-fuel LNG and CNG filling stations. Its subsidiary Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo has launched pilot projects along two Russian arteries of the Europe-western China transit corridor.

Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo chairman and director general Mikhail Likhachev sets out his plans for compressed natural gas and LNG as transport fuels in the company’s inhouse magazine.

Mr Likhachev is supervising the two pilot projects on Russia’s M-11 and Central Ring Road highways. Gazprom will build eight cryogenic filling stations on the federal highway between Moscow and St. Petersburg by 2020.

Gazprom is developing LNG for rail transport in Russia. It has worked with Sverdlovsk Railways in the Urals to launch an LNG-fuelled shunting locomotive and two mainline gas-turbine locomotives. In July, Gazprom started to supply LNG as transport fuel to Russian Railways locomotives in the Sverdlovsk region.

Outside Russia, Gazprom is developing LNG as transport fuel projects in Vietnam, China, Belarus and Bolivia.

Vietnam has appointed Gazprom the national NGV market operator. Gazprom has opened a branch office in Ho Chi Minh City to develop a pilot project comprising a small-scale CNG network and a 20 million m³ LNG production plant.

In Belarus, Gazprom Transgas Belarus plans to build a small-scale LNG and CNG production plant in Kobrin in the south-west.

The company is working in China to develop natural gas as vehicle fuel on the long-haul Europe-China transit route, setting up a working group to study market demand and locations for filling stations.

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