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The four reasons why ropes with Dyneema® perform better for longer

Mon 06 Feb 2017

The four reasons why ropes with Dyneema® perform better for longer

Operators in the marine industry, looking for high-performance mooring ropes, are increasingly turning to ropes made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), also known as high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE). Ropes made from this synthetic material are just as strong as steel-wire ropes yet are significantly lighter, making them easier to handle, saving time and money for the users and reducing the carbon footprint.

The key to high-performance mooring and tow ropes is not only their design and construction, but also the fibre used to make them. Dyneema® SK78 is the world’s strongest fibre and the only HMPE fibre scientifically engineered to overcome the following four challenges; abrasion, bending fatigue, compression, and creep fatigue. These challenges are familiar to all users of mooring and tow ropes. The video How Dyneema® helps to prevent rope failure highlights why mooring ropes with Dyneema® perform better for longer.

How Dyneema® helps to prevent rope failure






Not all HMPE is the same
Today, there are numerous suppliers of HMPE rope, as well as a handful of HMPE fibre producers. But not all HMPE is the same: there can be major differences in performance, consistency, and reliability. Dyneema®, the brand of HMPE fibre from DSM Dyneema, remains the most trusted brand in the industry. The Dyneema® SK78 fibre significantly outperforms other HMPE fibres across a broad range of criteria.

For example, tests prove that Dyneema® SK78 remains consistent in its strength with every production batch. Some other HMPE fibres show variations in production, and can be up to 22 per cent lower than their claimed strength. When it comes to service life, ropes made with Dyneema® SK78 can stay in operation for much longer than those made from other HMPE. That’s because Dyneema® SK78 massively outperforms other HMPE in terms of abrasion resistance and long-term elongation, or creep.

Other HMPE ropes abrade four times faster

The only way a basic HMPE rope can replicate the same strength as a high-quality rope with Dyneema® SK78 is by optimising the rope construction towards strength alone. Consequently, the combination of the rope construction with the lower intrinsic performance of the HMPE fibre results in the reduction of service life. Tests show that other HMPE ropes abrade four times faster than ropes made with Dyneema® SK78. Furthermore, mooring ropes made with Dyneema® have up to four times longer creep lifetime when compared to other HMPE ropes.

Feel secure. Only with Dyneema®

As the inventor of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibre, DSM continues to push the performance benchmark and the quality of all Dyneema® products and innovations. DSM rigorously ensures consistent high performance and quality from each and every fibre that goes into applications that secure maritime assets and operations. This ensures that shipping operators will always feel secure and have peace of mind in their operations.


Download the Dyneema® Whitepaper: How Mooring Ropes With Dyneema Can Increase Safety and ROI

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