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LNG World Shipping

LNG World Shipping

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  • November/December 2018

    November/December 2018

    • The logistics challenges of Arctic LNG
    • Indian subcontinent rampsing up LNG import capacity
    • LNG repair and conversion
    • Emergency shutdown systems
  • September/October 2018

    September/October 2018

    • LNGC traffic throughout the Caribbean is on a steep growth curve
    • LPG and Chemical Gas Carriers - Special Report
    • Gastech 2018 preview
    • Ship profile – Kairos LNG bunker vessel
  • July/August 2018

    July/August 2018

    • The changing faces of Europe's LNG terminals
    • LNG bunkering and fuelling innovations
    • Why hoses offer significant advantages over rigid loading arms
    • Shipowner Profile: FLEX LNG
    • Area Report: Spain & Portugal
  • May/June 2018

    May/June 2018

    • Highlights of the GIIGNL Annual Report 2018
    • Gas finds turning the Eastern Mediterranean into a new hub
    • Orderbook for LNG-powered vessels grows by 36%
    • The Maran Gas formula for success
    • Jetty-based regasification
  • March/April 2018

    March/April 2018

    • Growing LNG shipowner confidence
    • Qatar set to expand LNG exports by 30%
    • Chinese LNG terminals hit record utilisation rates
    • Baltic sees new wave of LNG infrastructure investment
    • New LNG containment system technologies
  • January/February 2018

    January/February 2018

    • A busy year ahead for LNG shipping
    • Africa : the new FLNG frontier
    • Keeping up with the growth in Asia's LNG imports
    • Landmark LNG transfer using universal transfer system
    • Is this the "Golden Age" of gas?
  • November/December 2017

    November/December 2017

    • The next wave of US LNG, we interview Tellurian CEO Meg Gentle
    • Using simulators to train seafarers in the use of LNG
    • Floating Transfer Technology concept removes the need for jetties
    • Which yards are winning the most LNGC lifecycle maintenance projects this year
    • The latest orderbook, newbuilds and scheduled special surveys due in the next 24 months
  • September/October 2017

    September/October 2017

    • Teekay LNG unveils its Arctic training
    • The growth of Middle East LNG imports
    • LPG Shipping's Rich List
    • The future of LNG bunker-supply ships
    • Stolt-Nielsen's LNG plans, we talk to Andrew Pickering, President of their LNG operations
  • July/August 2017

    July/August 2017

    • Existing FSRUS and planned FSRU Terminals
    • Hoegh's FSRU strategyL we talk to CEO Sveinung Stohle
    • Latest below-deck technologies
    • Interview with Sovcomflot CEO Sergey Frank
    • The challenges Excelerate faced in their first FRSU to subsea buoy transfer
  • May/June 2017

    May/June 2017

    • Key findings from the latest GIIGNL report
    • MISC's President on the opportunities for FLNG
    • Forecasting Europe's LNG terminal expansion
    • Innovations seen at Gastech
    • Can KC-1 erode GTT's market share? We talk to CEO Chul-hee Lee
  • March/April 2017

    March/April 2017

    • JERA's LNG plans
    • Saga LNG's fleet strategy
    • Infographic: The gobal LNG Carrier Fleet
    • The prospects for LNG demand to 2020, we ask the analysts
    • Petronas begin production on the first FLNG vessel
  • January/February 2017

    January/February 2017


    • South Europe’s emerging LNG markets; Italy, Greece and Cyprus
    • Interview, Cyprus transport minister Marios Demetriades
    • Infographic; new LNG supply, 2017-2020
    • Shipowners; what lies ahead for the Cool Pool?
    • Operations; asset-performance management
  • November/December 2016

    November/December 2016


    • Special Report: Offshore LNG shipping
    • Emerging LNG markets
    • interviews with GTT, GasLog, BW LNG, Excelerate Energy, Enagas, Bomin Linde, AG&P and Kanfer Shipping
    • exclusive infographic: the small/midsize LNG-carrier fleet, live and on order
  • September/October 2016

    September/October 2016


    • Special Report: The changing face of Asia's LNG markets
    • Interview with Shell's Lauran Wetemans
    • LPG Shipping
    • Exmar's ship-to-ship transfer training
    • Maran Gas fleet profile
  • July/August 2016

    July/August 2016


    • Panama Canal : a new era for LNG?
    • ENGIE's LNG ambitions
    • Daewoo's prototype Yamal icebreaking LNG carrier
    • Cruise industry moves towards an LNG-powered future
    • Comprehensive analysis of the latest LNG Carrier orders and deliveries
  • May/June 2016

    May/June 2016


    • 13 things we learned from the GIIGNL Annual LNG Report
    • the increasing importance of escort tugs in LNG
    • will Tanzania and Mozambique be the new LNG hotspots?
    • the annual Small Scale LNG supplement
    • infographic showing the world's FRSU fleet
  • March/April 2016

    March/April 2016


    • latest innovations in LNG technologies and equipment
    • the 6 Australian LNG start-ups reshaping LNG
    • the Q-max Zarqa's mooring-line failure examined
    • classification societies expand LNG ishipping interests
    • infographic showing ships fixed against Australian cargoes
  • January/February 2016

    January/February 2016


    • finding crew for LNG bunkering
    • Golar CEO on their investment in offshore LNG
    • The launch of GAC's LNG services
    • Infographic showing the world's LNG projects to 2021
  • November/December 2015

    November/December 2015


    • Canada's LNG industry
    • SCI's Aseem LNG Carrier
    • Sembmarine's developing LNGC services