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BREAKING NEWS: CMA CGM books ultra-large LNG-fuelled box ships

Tue 07 Nov 2017 by Karen Thomas

BREAKING NEWS: CMA CGM books ultra-large LNG-fuelled box ships
CMA CGM: a game-changing decision for LNG as marine fuel (credit: Lucas)

CMA CGM has just confirmed that its nine ultra-large container ships will be LNG-fuelled from the outset, in a game-changing development for LNG as marine fuel. 

The French shipowner will take delivery of the ships in 2020. It is the first shipping company to equip giant container ships with LNG propulsion from the outset.

CMA CGM announced its decision at COP23 in Bonn this morning. Its partner Total is in talks with shipowners and shipbuilders, seeking to charter an LNG bunker-supply ship or ships

The nine box ships will use marine gasoil only for ignition in the combustion chamber. Each will have an 18,000 m³ LNG tank, “located under the front arrangements”, using the upper deck for LNG management and the control centre.

CMA Ships vice-president Ludovic Gerard said “The dual-fuel solution that we have chosen for the propelling and auxiliary engines will allow CMA CGM to use LNG-powered ships as soon as they are delivered. This is a mature technology, as well as a responsible choice, completely in line with our environment policy.”

A spokesman told LNG World Shipping “We are working with ports and suppliers to establish a new LNG-supply chain and framework that will aloow LNG to be transferred to the ship while commercial operations are underway.” 

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