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Cartagena carries out Spain’s largest LNG bunkering operation

Tue 20 Mar 2018 by Mike Corkhill

Cartagena carries out Spain’s largest LNG bunkering operation
Mia Desgagnes – at the receiving end of the largest LNG bunkering operation in Spain to date

The largest LNG bunkering operation yet undertaken in Spain was successfully completed in the east coast port of Cartagena on 15 March. The newly delivered 15,100 dwt Canadian product tanker Mia Desgagnes received 425 m3, or about 190 tonnes, of LNG in 10 road tanker loads transferred from the port’s adjacent, Enagás-operated LNG receiving terminal.

The LNG was supplied by Repsol and energy company Molgas Energia in an operation assisted by Enagás and the port authority. The product tanker was moored for the truck-to-ship (TTS) transfer operation at a jetty specially adapted for LNG bunkering and small-scale LNG applications. 

Mia Desgagnes is the second in a series of four dual-fuel tankers of similar size that the Besiktas yard in Turkey is building for Canada’s Groupe Desgagnés. The first of the quartet, Damia Desgagnes, is an asphalt tanker while the remaining three, including Mia Desgagnes, are IMO 2 chemical/product tankers. 

The shipowner is operating the new Polar 7 ice-class ships along the St Lawrence River and the Canadian East Coast as well as on the Great Lakes. Quebec City and Montreal have been earmarked as the primary sites for the fleet’s Canadian TTS bunkering operations. 

Each ship is powered by a Wärtsilä 5RT-flex 50DF two-stroke, low-pressure engine and is equipped with a Wärtsilä LNGPac fuel system and two deck-mounted, Type C LNG bunker tanks with a combined capacity of 625 m3. The ships also have dual-fuel generators and, in the case of Damia Desgagnes, the thermal fluid heating system required to keep asphalt at its 200˚C carriage temperature utilises dual-fuel burners.

Damia Desgagnes was the subject of Spain’s second-largest LNG bunkering operation, also in Cartagena and also while the vessel was on her Turkey-to-Canada delivery voyage. On that occasion, in April 2017, 370 m3 of LNG bunker fuel was transferred to the tanker directly from the Cartagena LNG terminal using flexible hoses.

With the completion of the Mia Desgagnes operation, Repsol has now co-ordinated the bunkering of 10 different LNG-fuelled vessels at a range of ports in Spain. The LNG bunkering manifold arrangement on each of the four Desgagnes ships is configured to enable fuelling from four cryogenic road tankers simultaneously.

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