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Crowley lands new small-scale LNG contract in Puerto Rico

Fri 12 May 2017 by Karen Thomas

Crowley lands new small-scale LNG contract in Puerto Rico

Crowley Maritime-owned Carib Energy has agreed a new LNG-supply deal in Puerto Rico, delivering cargoes from the US to a pharmaceutical manufacturer based on the island.

The deal extends Crowley’s 2014 agreement to source and ship LNG to Puerto Rico, helping manufacturers on the island, including a flour mill, to shift from diesel to gas-based power generation. Crowley delivers LNG in 40-ft intermodal ISO tanks from the port of Jacksonville, using its fleet of Jones Act container ships, which operate liner services to Puerto Rico.

There, the local logistics team arranges trucks to deliver the cargoes to their final destination for regasification. Family owned Crowley is an early investor in LNG-fuelled container ships and tankers.

The company entered the small-scale LNG market four years ago, when it bought Florida-based Carib Energy.

Carib Energy was the first company to secure a 25-year LNG-export licence from the US Department of Energy to deliver small-scale cargoes to Free Trade Agreement (FTA) states. It now holds a licence to supply and distribute LNG to non-FTA countries in the Caribbean and the Americas and claims to have distributed more than 5 million gallons of US LNG.

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