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Fincantieri joins project to develop LNG in Italian ports

Mon 21 Jan 2019 by Selwyn Parker

Fincantieri joins project to develop LNG in Italian ports
Fincantieri is a believer in the future of LNG in maritime transport

Italy’s biggest shipbuilder Fincantieri is teaming up with mainly state-owned investment bank CDP and gas utility Snam to launch an LNG-based project that aims to develop port facilities and more advanced fuel technologies.

Describing LNG and bio-LNG as “the future of sustainable mobility, particularly for the heavy and maritime transport sectors,” Snam chief executive Marco Alvera said his group would share knowledge and expertise with the Italian port system.

In the medium term, the project will focus on port facilities and coastal areas, according to Fincantieri chief executive Giuseppe Bono. “Environmental sustainability is fast becoming a significant mega-trend,” he said. “This agreement will allow us to enhance our wealth of experience and expertise in such a rapidly growing area.”

Longer term though, the collaboration plans an assault on technologies with dramatic potential such as turbines for LNG modules, the containment and management of liquid and gaseous methane systems, and newer energy sources including LNG, hydrogen and fuel cells.

Fincantieri is developing a track record in LNG. In December, Fincantieri’s specialist shipbuilding subsidiary Vard Holdings signed a €270M (US$308M) contract with French cruise company Ponant to design and construct an LNG-fuelled luxury polar vessel.

The vessel, which is being developed in a four-cornered partnership with Vard, Ponant, Stirling Design International and Aker Arctic, is scheduled for delivery in mid-2021.

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