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First LNG battery hybrid ferry in operation

Tue 19 Jan 2016 by Rebecca Moore

First LNG battery hybrid ferry in operation
Fannefjord was converted from gas electric to a gas and battery hybrid

The first pure LNG and battery hybrid passenger ferry was recently launched.

Norwegian owner Fjord1’s Fannefjord was originally a gas electric-powered ferry but was converted last year into a gas and battery hybrid – which should lead to around 15 per cent fuel savings, according to Torbjorn Bringedal, the managing director of naval architect LMG Marin, which designed the conversion.

He told PST: “There are many versions of the battery hybrid solution, but this is the simplest form of it, where you use a battery package to smooth out the loads of the generators on board but do not need to carry out charging the batteries from an electric grid on the shore. This ferry deploys Mitsubishi gas engines that drive the generators. They benefit from a very constant load on quite high power, so in the conversion instead of having two engines running on part load to operate the connection, we are using just one of the gensets on quite a high load, thereby giving it a very low specific fuel consumption. This is assisted by the battery pack on board.”

The 123m ferry, with a capacity of 390 passengers and 125 cars or 12 road trailers and 55 cars, will not only save fuel following the conversion, but the methane slip and greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced and maintenance costs improved.

The refitted Fannefjord uses a 1050V, 410kWh energy storage system (ESS) consisting of 63 Corvus Energy AT6500 advanced lithium polymer batteries. The ESS was integrated with the existing Siemens drive systems and powered by two LNG generators.

Fannefjord was the second unit in a series of four ships to be built by Remontowa shipyard in 2009. It was delivered in 2010 and operates on the Molde-Vestnes route in Norway.

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