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Obituary: Roger Ffooks

Wed 02 Sep 2015 by Mike Corkhill

Obituary: Roger Ffooks
An LNG shipping pioneer: Roger Ffooks (1925-2015)

It is with sadness that LNG World Shipping reports the death of Roger Ffooks, aged 90. Roger was a pioneer and an innovator who helped to establish sound foundations of gas-carrier design that have underpinned the LNG shipping industry’s exemplary safety record. 

He was also an ambassador, well known for his generosity of spirit, who helped to spread the word about the merits of liquefying natural gas and shipping it to distant markets to enable millions of new users to enjoy the benefits of this clean-burning fuel.

As a senior naval architect with Shell in the 1950s, Roger Ffooks led the team that developed the Conch containment system utilised on the 27,400m3 Methane Princess and Methane Progress, the first ships to carry commercial LNG cargoes. 

Roger was also responsible for loading the inaugural shipment on board Methane Princess at Arzew in Algeria in early October 1964, and arrived with the vessel at Canvey Island in the UK to an acclaimed welcome several days later. 

Roger Ffooks was a member of the group that developed the International Gas Carrier (IGC) Code and participated in developing the Technigaz membrane tank containment system for LNG carriers. 

His book, Natural Gas by Sea, is recognised as an industry bible and Gastech honours his invaluable contribution through the Roger Ffooks Award that recognises significant contributions by a company or an individual to the development of LNG technology.

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